•   What currency are your paintings quoted in?
All prices are in Singapore Dollar unless otherwise stated.

•   Where are you based?
We are located in Singapore but worldwide shipping is available.

•   How long does it take?
Less than 2 weeks for you to receive your artworks!

•   How much do the paintings cost?
The prices vary according to the size & specifications.
Below are some examples for you to gauge accordingly.

meli gallery art works

Above: 90cm x 90 cm, $380 (including stretching)

affordable art meli galleryAbove: 60cm x 90 cm, $300 (including stretching)

art meli gallery affordableAbove: 40cm x 60cm x 3, $360 (including stretching)

Prices above are a rough guideline, call us at +65 9178 5722 for a quick quote now!


•   Do you accept large order quantities?
Yes, we are also experienced in preparing proposals for hotels and hostels.

•   Can you customise my painting with a picture I give you?
Yes! You can show us a picture(s) of what you would like to receive and we can customise its colours, size, or even add quotes to it.

•   What mediums are the paintings in?
We can do oil or acrylic, according to your preference.

•   Who paints the artworks?
Emerging artists whom we manage from around South East Asia, as well as local artists. Our excellent working relationships with them help ensure that we secure the art pieces for you at reasonable rates.

•   Can I request for my artwork to be painted by a well-established international artist instead?
Yes, but the price range will be higher accordingly. Feel free to let us know your preference, and we will work with you on it.

•   Do you have any consigned artists?
We intend to consign art works by a number of well-exhibited artists from around the world soon. More details will be announced in due time.

•   Return/ Exchange Goods Policy
All transactions are final. Goods sold / deposits are non refundable.
We accept exchange if the product is damaged.