Borrowing from the Ancient Greek, μέλι (méli) is literally translated as honey, or anything sweet
— A perfect reflection of our outlook here at Meli Gallery.

We believe that art is meant to sweeten the soul, both in the expression of beauty and in provocation of the mind. Here, we take time and care to understand the personality of your space, and work with you to find paintings that suit your taste, site, and budget. Call 9178 5722 for enquiries or visit Meli Gallery.

Top reasons to choose Meli Gallery:

•   Affordable, quality oil and acrylic paintings

•   Able to customize painting to your preference

•   Reliable and reponsive via call/whatsapp/email/social media

•   Little waiting time for paintings – Less than 2 weeks

•   Value-added services – Art Consultancy, Delivery & Installations, Photoshop Preview

•   Sole distributor of Dutch-manufactured hanging system for your art, posters, photos etc.

•   Convenience – Paintings are handed to you stretched and ready-to-hang immediately.

•   Framing solutions available

•   Best value for money!

•   Exclusive promotions for mailing list members

•   Free spray of clear varnish to protect and brighten your painting – the finishing touch.

•   Experienced in handling large orders, proposals and exhibition set-ups

– With Universities, Interior Designers, Property Developers, Hoteliers etc.